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Reiki is a deeply relaxing, hands-on treatment that focuses on the whole person: body, mind, spirit and emotions. Reiki treatments support all conditions and promote recovery following surgery.
Reflexology This treatment is applied to the feet where it is understood there are "reflex" areas that correspond to different parts of the body. Anne uses gentle pressure to these reflex areas to promote balance and well-being.
Sound Healing is a relaxing treatment were vocal sound is used to help resture harmony and health in clients. 
Shamanic Healing is offered to those who feel estranged from themselves or from parts of themselves. The intention is to restore wholeness to the person. Vocal sound and drumming form part of the treatment while the client rests. In Shamanism, it is understood that the main causes of illness are: Power Loss, Soul Loss and Spiritua Intrusion. The Treatments: Power Animal Retrieval, Rattle Healing, Soul Energy Release, Removal of Intrusions and Soul Retrieval address these conditions. 

Assemblage Point Repositioning Where our energy field connects with our body is called The Assemblage Point.  Our well-being and state of health can be reflected in the position of our Assemblage Points. We feel positive and more content when it is correctly aligned.





At three points in the year, Anne provides training for Reiki Students.




All individual treatments

£45   Stafford

£65   London 


Course of any three treatments:

£130   Stafford 

£175   London





Reiki Level 1 (Healing for self & family/friends) £150

Reiki Level 2 (Healing for others/distant healing) £170

Reiki Level 3 (Master Practitioner) £300


Gift Vouchers


Stuck for a present?  Give the person you love a treat with a voucher and help them feel pampered!


There is NO TIME LIMIT on the appointments and the recipient can contact me via email, phone call or text and book an appointment at a time to suit them. 




I have received several treatments from Anne, both Reiki and Sound Healing. As a healer, she has a calming and reassuring manner, is a good listener and administers the treatments in a professional and methodical manner. I would have no hesitation in recommending Anne  to anyone  who is seeking an alternative form of relief from both physical aches and psychological stresses” 


B.C. (Stafford)


I have known and worked with the lovely Anne McConville for many years!


She has treated me and my daughter for every kind condition from physical or emotional through to mental or spiritual issues. 


I particularly recall a day when all of a sudden I felt the initial symptoms of a migraine. I felt panicky in anticipation of the nausea and pain. I didn't know how to help myself. Anne very gently took my hand in hers and began to apply pressure at specific points all the time chatting calmly with me. To my utter amazement the symptoms lifted as quickly as they had come. My relief was great indeed. I could get on with my day.


This experience illustrates the versatility of her approach as she applies whichever technique ‎seems appropriate in that moment from her very broad skills base. 


Whether you seek a specific aspect of Shamanic Healing or the deeply soothing and balancing Sound or Reiki  Healing or a regular‎ program of Reflexology you will not be disappointed.


She is totally dedicated to her work and loves every moment she spends doing it!  We in London are greatly blessed to have her work among us!"


N.A. (London)







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